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Are you active in sales & marketing and responsible for prospecting within your company? Our online and offline tools offer a solution for the following purposes: data quality, file enrichment, market analysis, prospecting lists and more.

Trends Top

DIY – Dashboards and marketing tools


A one-stop-shop solution for up-to-date business information and high-performance web tools, for financial analysis, targeted prospecting, geomarketing and sales management. Trends Top is an online DIY working tool and communication platform. The website counts up to 700,000 unique visitors and 2.8 million page views every month. Choose a formula that best suits your needs and get started right away.


DIY – In the Netherlands


If you work for both Belgian and Dutch companies, it is undoubtedly a challenge to prospect cross-border. With SalesOptimizer, you have access to more than 1.7 million active and inactive Belgian companies, and more than 3.5 million Dutch companies. You create high-quality target groups based on more than 30 criteria. Export your leads to get started commercially.

Matching & file optimisation

On demand – matching, optimisation, standardisation and enrichment


It often happens that you have a database that lacks important parameters or data. Through our on demand matching and file optimisation solution, you can count on a team that optimises your file according to your needs and wishes. If you want to supplement VAT numbers, complete contact details or add contacts, you are in the right place.

Socrates analysis

On demand – Market analysis


“How can anyone know something if they don’t know themselves? Who knows? And what is the value of such unfounded knowledge?” Socrates was known for his unique approach to knowledge about reality. To get along with your prospects, you first need to know where the strength of your current customers lies. Learn how to grow and gain market share based on a thorough knowledge of your current customer portfolio.


On demand – Discover all starters


Be among the first to reach start-ups in Belgium. New entrepreneurs start from scratch and therefore need countless products and services to get started. Through an on demand file request, we are happy to help you, to provide you with the desired start-ups. If you prefer to consult them yourself, you can find the start-ups of a specific day via the Daily Publications on Trends Pro.


On demand – IT solutions


If you have a specific need, we also work entirely customised. This allows us to link your database to ours, in order to grant you the most up-to-date B2B information. Or would you like to automatically receive the customers’ annual reports after publication? There are several possibilities to fulfill your need.

Trends Business Information and GDPR

Trends Business Information is active in the B2B trading information market. With this trade information, we offer solutions that are an essential part of the B2B business processes. Curious about how we deal with the GDPR legislation?

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