Where do we get information?

Our sources


Information doesn’t just fall out of the sky. Sources are therefore crucial for a trading information company. Trends Business Information consults the right authorities to consult data and provide you with intelligible information. In addition, we are actively looking for information to provide you with the most complete picture possible of a company. This information can be consulted and used by you in turn.

What is our added value?

Processing data into useful information

Trends Business Information is active within the B2B trading information domain. By examining relevant data, we create useful trading information and provide tools that are an essential part of the B2B business processes. This information helps the various stakeholders, including companies, private individuals and government agencies, both in correctly assessing potentially burdensome risks and in creating new opportunities that enable further development and growth.


The collection of business information has been around for a long time. We have years of experience in processing complex or confusing data and translating it into intelligible information. This allows companies to make informed decisions about whom they want to do business with.

When collecting, processing, systematising, analysing and interpreting company data we, as a trade information office, use a strict deontology, in which the pursuit of delivering high-quality, accurate, up-to-date and complete data is central. In addition, we test each action against the different regulations regarding the collection and processing of data. In this way, it is always ensured that the practice is in accordance with the general standard of care within the meaning of art. 1382- 1383 of the Civil Code. This is also the case with regard to privacy legislation. This is reflected in the membership within FEBIS (Federation of Business Information Service – a global professional association).

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