Do-Not-Call-Me list: removal from database necessary!


In summer 2012, the Chamber of Representatives passed a law which makes it necessary to keep an Do-not-Call-Me list. This law is implementing a European directive. On 25 July, the law appeared in the Belgian State Gazette and it came into effect on 5 August 2012.


What is the purpose of the new legislation?

Businesses and consumers who no longer wish to be telephoned for direct marketing purposes can be registered on the Do-Not-Call-Me list free of charge. Before a telemarketing campaign for prospects and/or clients is commenced, you must make sure that everyone who is registered on this list is removed from your data files: they may not be telephoned any longer and the responsibility and onus of proof lie will lie completely with the advertiser. The Do-Not-Call-Me list will apply to prospects, clients and businesses.


What must you do?

  1. Have your own telephone files carefully removed before any direct telemarketing campaign (prospects or clients, B2B or B2C) by using the Opt-out list
  2. People who are registered on this list may no longer be telephoned for direct telemarketing campaigns and must therefore be removed from the files. The ultimate responsibility and onus of proof will lie with the advertiser
  3. From February 2013, it will be necessary to pay to download the Do-Not-Call-Me list. The BDMA platform will offer different tariffs for e.g. small and large companies: http://pro.bel-me-niet-meer.be


Do you need professional advice?

As a licensed service provider, Trends Business Information will be able to assist you with the up-to-date removal of files. Newly registered telephone numbers will no longer be able to be telephoned for a maximum of 5 days after giving their telephone number! The period of validity for removal is thus very limited. Please feel free to contact us for more information without committing yourself to anything. You wil also be able to ask us for professional advice about how to establish and maintain your own databases and how to recruit opt-ins.

Go to www.bel-me-niet-meer.be  for more information

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