8. Draw attention with relevant content or make an offer customised to businesses who could use your expertise more than ever.

Reaching the right leads is increasingly important in order to utilise your marketing budget effectively. For this purpose, Trends Business Information has an exceptionally large, yet extremely up-to-date and high-quality database with business-to-business professionals.


The weekly Trends Top electronic newsletter allows you to communicate on your company’s specific activities. You can integrate content into an editorial newsletter, launch a strong offering or share a creative message. Through text and images, you ride on the back of our weekly newsletter’s success, reaching the inboxes of over 200,000 decision makers.

A dedicated partner mailing allows you to send your exclusive message to the target audience of your choice, based on the very latest parameters from the expanded Trends Top Database. That way, you generate high-quality leads through a clear message to a select target group. You choose one of our templates for you partner mailing, which we align with your existing communication.

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