8 tips for entrepreneurs in special times

8 tips om te ondernemen in coronatijden

In this less obvious economic context, Trends Business Information aims to take on the role of catalyst in order to assist you as much as possible with reliable business information, high-performance tools and creative perceptibility. These are our eight tips for you.


When assessing your business contacts, take into account their current resilience and how long their elasticity will endure.

The impact of the coronavirus crisis is set to reverberate for quite some time, also affecting companies’ resilience in the long term. In an initial phase a lack of liquidity arises, affecting the resources to immediately meet ongoing payment obligations…

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Ensure that you remain well informed on crucial developments with the most important customers and suppliers in your commercial cycle.

It is not always the strongest who survive, but rather those best able to adapt to changing circumstances. More than ever, you can suddenly find yourself in the challenging commercial landscape in which your business wishes to sustain its commercial…

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Scrutinise your existing customer base and identify both financial risks and commercial opportunities.

A balanced customer portfolio is an important foundation for any company, in terms of number of customers, achieved turnover and market penetration. These are also crucial indicators to take into account with your commercial strategy. Even if all…

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Compile a list of potential alternative suppliers, of course in the hope that your current partner still continues providing its service.

“Managing is foreseeing”, wrote the 19th-century French journalist Emile de Girardin, “and not foreseeing is heading to ruin”. Besides constantly screening your customers’ creditworthiness, in times of the coronavirus it is at least as important to…

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Make the most of this exceptional period of subdued activity by examining your existing database and, where necessary, to refresh or enhance it.

The quality of your database of CRM application have considerable bearing on your marketing campaigns’ success. How long ago was the last contact you had with those customers or leads? Do you have any idea of the number of companies that are now no longer active…

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By arming your sales team with the right prospects, you can be sure that success with your first new customer will lead to the next one.

Get ready now for the relaunch of business. Do not allow your creative output to be lost, and prepare your marketing campaigns in advance. Identifying the right target audience for you is a major step in this respect. To search in a focused way, you need to know where your…

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Use creative ways to stand out when companies start seeking out products or services you provide.

Now especially, companies are also seeking out information about existing and new business contacts through reliable sources. The Trends Top Website has 600,000 unique visitors and 2.8 million page views every month. Ensure that those potential customers link your business in…

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Draw attention with relevant content or an offer customised to businesses that you know could use your expertise more than ever.

Reaching the right leads is increasingly important in order to utilise your marketing budget effectively. For this purpose, Trends Business Information has an exceptionally large, yet extremely up-to-date and high-quality database with business-to-business professionals…

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