B2B marketing

We have all heard of the term ‘B2B marketing’, but what does it mean? Just like companies and enterprises communicate to end consumers and customers, they also communicate towards each other. You can learn more about B2B marketing in the following article. 

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What is B2B marketing?

As can be deduced from the name, business-to-business marketing refers to the marketing and communication about products and/or services towards other companies and enterprises. What is the difference between b2b and b2c marketing?

A clear difference, for example, is the content of the marketing communication. B2B marketing is usually more informative and simpler than B2C marketing, because a business purchase decision has to be sufficiently substantiated (ROI).

In addition, B2B marketeers often sell to a group of decision makers instead of a person, which is a complex and challenging task.

Applications to B2B marketing

There are several ways to execute B2B marketing:


A well maintained and regularly updated blog can create more organic visibility and lead to an increase of traffic to your website. By sharing relevant content with your target audience, you make sure they stay informed and will return to your website, which will help your brand awareness grow.


Social media

Through social media channels you can reach potential customers, organic as well as paying. You can generate relevant leads by smart targeting to a specific target group. Social networks evolve quickly, so it is important for you to evolve together with the tools. Evidently, in order to use the tools in a correct way, you have to understand them.



Even though the use of spam filters are more and more common, the e-mail as a communication device will not easily disappear. Relevant target groups can easily be addressed by a mailing and a newsletter can be sent out to people who are interested.


Video and advertisements

A catching video or advertisement in a trade magazine, newsletter or mailing remains interesting. Targeted communication through different channels gives support to your campaign. We often hear that printed media will soon be irrelevant, but it is an important medium. It is tangible and there are still many people who prefer not to read magazines and trade journals on a screen.


Networking and events

It may not be the most obvious way to do B2B marketing, but it certainly is a fun and interactive way. To make direct contact with potential customers or partners ensures well-maintained business relationships and demonstrates your commitment to your company. Of course, Corona hasn’t made this any easier, but entrepreneurs have been busy. They were looking for digital alternatives and came up with creative solutions.