Custom-made answers to specific questions

Every house is different and contains different furniture, whether or not custom-made. An enterprise is like a house. They all work differently, have different products, deliver to different customers and have different priorities. It is therefore logical that they would like to have information and data tailored to their company.


Custom data

The following situation may sound familiar … You need to enrich your customer base or draw up a prospect list. Unfortunately, the data available online is insufficient or doesn’t contain everything you need. It often takes a lot of time to find the right information. You scour websites, consult the Belgian Official Journal or the CBE, but you cannot find what you are looking for. What if it could all be just a little easier?

Trends Business Information offers you the possibility to request a tailor-made file. Together with you, one of our experts will look for the perfect answer to your specific question based on certain parameters.

We can select the desired dataset and link it to your current database, but that’s not all. Do you wish to link payment experiences to your accounting package? Would you like to automatically receive the annual reports from customers after publication? Or do you want to quickly follow up outstanding invoices by means of direct debit? No problem, this can be discussed when putting together a tailor-made solution for your company.

Bestanden op maat

Would you rather get started yourself?

If you would like to roll up your sleeves and create a file by yourself, this is of course possible. We have various tools available for drawing up prospect lists as well as for performing financial analyses.