A sustainable workplace

Roularta Media Group, parent company of Trends Business Information, stands for a high-performance energy policy that meets the ISO 50001 standard. This standard is an international standard with guidelines for structured energy management. For example, all employees, suppliers and customers can clearly see that Roularta approaches energy management in an organized manner. On this sustainable Tuesday we would like to tell you some more about how we are working towards a green office.


How energy efficient are we actually?


The success of our energy policy is contained in the EPI = Energy Performance Indicator (index). 2016 is the reference year for the EPI, that means that we consider the EPI in 2016 to be 100. In 2019 we had one of the best result ever, with an EPI of 103.57. This means we used 3.57% less energy for activities identical to 2016. This decrease corresponds to the energy consumption of 80 families over a full year.

We closed off the first half of 2020 with an EPI of 101.34. Or 1.34% better than in the reference year 2016.

What we do to create a sustainable workplace


Print consciously

There is still a lot of paper that is being used in companies. That’s why we should think twice before we print. If we do have to, we print double-sided on recycled paper and collect our empty ink cartridges for reuse and recycling.

Decorate our office space with greenery

More plants ensure a good feeling among the employees, and they purify the air. Dare to go a step further. We try to provide our outdoor office space with a piece of land for a wild flower meadow or a bee hotel. All of these actions contribute to the biodiversity in our region.

Greenery at the workplace

Optimize our machine park

By investing in new printing presses and machines, we contribute to lowering our energy consumption. We continue to optimize our machines so that we can reduce the emission and create a pleasant working environment for our employees.

An example is the Manroland Goss web systems printing press in Roeselare, with its substantially higher output, lower emission and considerably less energy consumption, it fits perfectly into our plan for creating a sustainable working environment. The installation did not require any expansion of the production halls. In this way, our spacious green zone around the company could be preserved.

Save energy or create our own

In March 2020, Insaver installed 1138 solar panels on the roof of the production halls of our printing plant in Roeselare to save energy.

solar panels

Of course this is not all we do to strive for a sustainable workplace. There are several other ways to optimize your company and to do business in a socially responsible manner. Continue to innovate and look ahead, so we can maintain our environment and continue to look to a future with new opportunities.