3. Scrutinise your existing customer base and identify both financial risks and commercial opportunities.

A balanced customer portfolio is an important foundation for any company, in terms of number of customers, achieved turnover and market penetration. These are also crucial indicators to take into account with your commercial strategy. Even if all the segments in your customer pyramid look good in terms of figures, a latent risk can encumber certain layers and even the foundation profoundly.


This is how certain customers’ financial health potentially deteriorates, especially in these uncertain times. If that involves one customer, you might not be concerned; unless they are at the top of your pyramid. Soon it becomes a different kettle of fish once multiple issues arise, all the more if you can see a pattern, based in their profile (such as activity, region, age and size).

Get in touch with us at info@tbi.be to enhance a file of your existing customers with key figures concerning their liquidity, solvency and the brand-new corona indicator that conveys how resilient they are in this specific context, including a suitable credit recommendation.

Use the GeoTop webtool to literally and figuratively map out your customers according to number, sales share and penetration for each market segment. A general health indicator shows you what part of your current portfolio is at risk. You can furthermore identify prospects that have the same DNA as your strongest customers.

Get in touch with us at info@tbi.be to enhance your customer and supplier base with our resilience score.

You provide us with an Excel or CSV file with enterprise numbers, and we will complete this for you. That way, you gain a picture of the extent to which companies require support in order to survive this period.

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