4. Compile a list of potential alternative suppliers, of course in the hope that your current partner still continues providing its service.

“Managing is foreseeing”, the 19th-century French journalist Emile de Girardin wrote, “and not foreseeing is heading to ruin”. Besides constantly screening your customers’ creditworthiness, in times of the coronavirus it is at least as important to examine your current suppliers. The coronavirus crisis may also have disastrous outcomes for them.


If your company depends on a number of strategic suppliers and they find themselves in difficulties, it will have immediate consequences for your business activities. That makes it more than wise to benchmark suppliers with each other, and to compile a list of potential alternative partners.

Our Trends Top online platform allows you to compare the key figures of various companies with each other. Moreover, you immediately see the median for the sector and region.


Get in touch with us at info@tbi.be for personal guidance in your search for the right suppliers, based on smart algorithms in the various sources of information we analyse for you.

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