Gather business intelligence via VAT number

As an active B2B company you are probably more than familiar with the term business information. We all seek more information about a new supplier, customer or business partner. What is their financial condition? How is their payment behavior? What is the general state of the company? These are all questions that arise when you establish a new business relationship. But where can you find the answer to these questions? Below you will find some more information on this topic.

Why business intelligence is so important

As a company, taking correct and strategically relevant decisions is an absolute must. In order to support and simplify these decisions, it is important to understand risks or to examine the credit advice of certain companies. Monitoring the health of your customer portfolio is also part of the daily or weekly activities. For all these applications it is best to consult current business information.

Look up a VAT number as the first step

Looking up the enterprise number is often the first step in consulting this information. With our search engine you can quickly and easily find the requested VAT number, the associated name and address details (name, address, place of residence) of the company.