6. By arming your sales team with the right prospects, you can be sure that success with your first new customer will lead to the next one.

Get ready now for the relaunch of business. Do not allow your creative output to be lost and prepare your marketing campaigns in advance. Identifying the right target audience is a major step in this respect. To search in a focused way, you need to know where your new potential customers are.


Moreover, it is important to breathe new life into your sales team by equipping them with enough good leads. It is also the ideal opportunity to have your team think creatively about how they can reach their customers and prospects at the appropriate moment.

Our Trends Top online platform allows you to prospect in a focused and efficient manner. You can compile your target audience and export those high-quality leads, including company details and contact persons, in no time.


Do you opt for customisation, or are you seeking specific target audiences, such as starters? Get in touch with us at info@tbi.be and we see to this according to your needs.


If you wish to expand your customer portfolio to the Netherlands, contact us at info@tbi.be for more information about our new SalesOptimizer online platform.

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